MOMAK  – Movement Makers Cooperative – is a curious and progressive collective of movement makers and artists working towards creating a center for knowledge on and resources within choreographic art.

We work dynamically across borders, both artistic, geographical and sectorial and are looking for a variety of collaborators who want to create projects that engage citizens of all ages as well as audiences in creative processes. We want to challenge where, with whom and for whom choreographic work is created. We want to engage with the world, both within and outside the arts, through choreographic methods, that are transformative and engaging.

MOMAK works towards creating artistic projects, residencies, workshops and possibilities for sharing of knowledge, within a collective framework.

MOMAK consists of a number of actors within dance and choreography, both choreographers, producers and communicators based in the Nordics, but with a broad international network.

MOMAK is founded by choreographers Tina Tarpgaard, Tali Rázga, Fabio Liberti, Nønne Mai Svalholm, Hilde Sandvold and creative producer Carlos Calvo.


Tina Tarpgaard (Denmark)
Tina Tarpgaard is the artistic director of recoil performance group. As a dance artist she has worked as both a performer and choreographer. She deals with choreography and ecological thinking, including both the personal, social and the environmental. In her praxis these philosophical and political considerations are made tangible by confronting the human body with other biological realities in performances or installations.
Tina Tarpgaard is also a teacher with a degree in Physical Education and is currently studying for a Masters in Public Governance at (CBS) Copenhagen Business School.

Tali Rázga (Denmark)
Is the artistic director of Gazart, a national and internationally touring company. She works as a choreographer and workshop facilitator. Since 2006 she has produced her own performances primarily targeted towards children and youth audiences, however aiming at addressing human beings of all ages. Her artistic ambition is to celebrate the small miracles of everyday life and make room for new perspectives on the things we take for granted.

Fabio Liberti (Italy/Denmark)
Artistic director of MUOVI and freelance choreographer, Fabio works within contemporary dance focusing on the exploration of body movement and human physical possibilities.
His choreographic aesthetic combines physical movement with other visual elements, meeting at the junction of narrative and abstraction. He defines this middle-ground as an Abstract-Narrative World.
With MOMAK he wishes to help the creation of a network and dance community capable of supporting artistic exchanges, inspiration and connection between artists, trying to counter the often perceived tendency of artistic realities isolated from one another.

Nønne Mai Svalholm (Denmark)
Since 2015 Artistic Director and Choreographer Nønne Mai Svalholm has worked with a dogma: staging people age 60+ years old together with professionals in her work. Through the concept of “an extended family” and “a self-chosen family” Svalholm created a trilogy of choreographic works Rethink Choreography/ Rethink Ageing (2016 – 2019) and The BIG BANG trilogy (2020 – 2023). Svalholm works conceptually and cross-disciplinary with dance, choreography, light design, sculpture and installation art. She creates work for black box, white cube and site-specific in the public space. Her artistic vision is to examine existential questions and to push the boundaries of choreographic thinking and interaction with her surroundings. MOMAK is a new sustainable way to unfold artistic visions and to share knowledge.

Hilde I. Sandvold (Norway/Denmark)
Works as a choreographer and performing dancer of both own and others’ work. She works with a curiosity towards how the small choreography of a moving body relates to larger choreographies; other bodies, thoughts and opinions. The result being workshops, symposiums and performances – often delivered with energy, rigor and a certain amount of quirkiness.
MOMAK is a structure that supports ideas of sustainability, with it`s sharing of resources. Hilde I. Sandvold takes part in it, with a hope to create a stronger stand for dance art both in Denmark and internationally. MOMAK creates visibility, which supports artistic exchange with other professionals, and a general audience.

Carlos Calvo (Spain/Denmark)
As a Creative Producer and International Manager behind the different companies led by the choreographers in MOMAK (see artists profiles), he is co-responsible for development and strategy and manages day-to-day operations as well as international projection and touring. He is passionate about making new connections between artists, platforms, institutions and citizens to create the possibility of a poetic experience, that is one, that transforms its participants. With MOMAK he wishes to develop new partnerships across latitudes and challenge the traditional division between artists and managers.


March 21-24
Sound of Five.(Lithuania)
Word premiere Choreography: Tina Tarpgaard. A co-production with Seiko Dance (LT)
April 23
Sound of Five. Baltoppen LIVE. Ballerup (DK)
Danish premiere choreography: Tina Tarpgaard. A co-production with Seiko Dance (LT)
April 25-30
Sound of Five. Dansetippen. Copenhagen (DK)
Choreography by Tina Tarpgaard
May 9-10
What did I just do? at Dansekapellet, Copenhagen (DK)
New production.Choreography by Fabio Liberti. A coproduction with Dansehallerne, MaudsArt, Dansstationen
May 23
Circles & Swing. Aarhus (DK)
Choreography by Nønne Mai Svalholm
June 8-10
MOMAK at CPH Stage Intennational Days
June 8-10
Circles & Swing at CPH Stage International Days
Choreography by Nønne Mai Svalholm
June 10-11
What did I just do? at Dansstationen. Malmö (SWE) (DK)
June 12-13
HØST. Bora-Bora. Aarhus (DK)
Choreography by Tina Tarpgaard
June 12-15
MOMAK at IETM plenary Aarhus (DK))
Oct. 6
ACT OF GRAVITY. Deutsches Haus. Flensborg (GER)
Oct. 9-12
ACT OF GRAVITY. Morsø Teatersal. Ny Købing Mors (DK)


Tali Rázga
Artistic Director / Choreographer
Carlos Calvo
Creative Producer/ International Manager
Fabio Liberti
Artistic director / Choreographer
Nønne Mai Svalholm
Artistic Director / Choreographer
Tina Tarpgaard
Artistic Director/Choreographer
Recoil Performance Group
Hilde I. Sandvold
Choreographer and dancer / self producing dance artist